A new issue of CCLM is available online! Vol 55, Issue 8 (July 2017)

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following the agreement on mutual cooperation between EFLM and W. de Gruyter for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine journal (CCLM), it has been planned to send regularly to the EFLM contacts the table of contents of CCLM issues and the list of future titles as well. I do hope you will appreciate the initiative which is intended as a further service by EFLM to our European professional community.  CCLM is published on a monthly basis and is the most relevant Journal on Clinical Chemistry in Europe; it is a valuable and updated source of knowledge for the professionals in the field, well recognized all over the world.  The CCLM 2015 Impact factor is 3.017.

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A new issue of ‘Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM)’ is available online from De Gruyter Online: Volume 55, Issue 8

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Biomarkers of acute kidney injury: a step forward

Plebani, Mario

Biomarkers of acute kidney injury: the pathway from discovery to clinical adoption

Kashani, Kianoush / Cheungpasitporn, Wisit / Ronco, Claudio

Prognostic value of glycated hemoglobin among patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Li, Guangxiao / Hou, Xiaowen / Li, Ying / Zhang, Peng / Zhao, Qiongrui / Li, Juan / Shi, Jingpu

Traceability in laboratory medicine: a global driver for accurate results for patient care

Beastall, Graham H. / Brouwer, Nannette / Quiroga, Silvia / Myers, Gary L. /

To report or not to report: a proposal on how to deal with altered test results in hemolytic samples

Cadamuro, Janne / Mrazek, Cornelia / Haschke-Becher, Elisabeth / Sandberg, Sverre

Reporting altered test results in hemolyzed samples: is the cure worse than the disease?

Lippi, Giuseppe / Cervellin, Gianfranco / Plebani, Mario

Early mixed hematopoietic chimerism detection by digital droplet PCR in patients undergoing gender-mismatched hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Waterhouse, Miguel / Pfeifer, Dietmar / Follo, Marie / Duyster, Justus / Schäfer, Henning / Bertz, Hartmut / Finke, Jürgen

Comparison of Abbott RealTime genotype II, GeneMatrix restriction fragment mass polymorphism and Sysmex HISCL HCV Gr assays for hepatitis C virus genotyping

Han, Mi-Soon / Park, Yongjung / Kim, Hyon-Suk

The relationship between vacuum and hemolysis during catheter blood collection: a retrospective analysis of six large cohorts

Mrazek, Cornelia / Simundic, Ana-Maria / Wiedemann, Helmut / Krahmer, Florian / Felder, Thomas Klaus / Kipman, Ulrike / Hoppe, Uta / Haschke-Becher, Elisabeth / Cadamuro, Janne

Evaluation of the Greiner Bio-One serum separator BCA Fast Clot tube

Dimeski, Goce / Johnston, Julie / Masci, Paul P. / Zhao, Kong-Nan / Brown, Nigel

Implementation and application of moving average as continuous analytical quality control instrument demonstrated for 24 routine chemistry assays

Rossum, Huub H. van / Kemperman, Hans

Parathormone stability in hemodialyzed patients and healthy subjects: comparison on non-centrifuged EDTA and serum samples with second- and third-generation assays

Schleck, Marie-Louise / Souberbielle, Jean-Claude / Delanaye, Pierre / Plebani, Mario / Cavalier, Etienne

Association between plasma proANP and hyperuricemia in Chinese Han women: a cross-sectional study

Zhu, Zhengbao / Zhang, Qiu / Peng, Hao / Zhong, Chongke / Liu, Yan / Huangfu, Xinfeng / Tian, Yunfan / Chao, Xiangqin / Jin, Jianhua / Zhang, Yonghong

Activity of the liver enzyme ornithine carbamoyltransferase (OTC) in blood: LC-MS/MS assay for non-invasive diagnosis of ornithine carbamoyltransferase deficiency

Krijt, Jakub / Sokolová, Jitka / Ješina, Pavel / Dvořáková, Lenka / Řeboun, Martin / Brennerová, Katarína / Mistrík, Martin / Zeman, Jiří / Honzík, Tomáš / Kožich, Viktor

Detecting paraprotein interference on a direct bilirubin assay by reviewing the photometric reaction data

García-González, Elena / Aramendía, Maite / González-Tarancón, Ricardo / Romero-Sánchez, Naiara / Rello, Luis

 Prediction of human iron bioavailability using rapid c-ELISAs for human plasma hepcidin

Stoffel, Nicole U. / Zeder, Christophe / Fort, Eloïse / Swinkels, Dorine W. / Zimmermann, Michael B. / Moretti, Diego

Determination of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase cut-off values in a Tunisian population

Laouini, Naouel / Sahli, Chaima Abdelhafidh / Jouini, Latifa / Haloui, Sabrine / Fredj, Sondes Hadj / Daboubi, Rym / Siala, Hajer / Ouali, Faida / Becher, Meriam / Toumi, Nourelhouda / Bibi, Amina / Messsaoud, Taieb

Plasma levels of endothelin-1 and renal function among young and healthy adults

Fischer, Andreas / Bossard, Matthias / Aeschbacher, Stefanie / Egli, Peter / Cordewener, Carolin / Estis, Joel / Todd, John / Risch, Martin / Risch, Lorenz / Conen, David

A new strategy for calculating the risk of ovarian malignancy algorithm (ROMA)

Jeong, Tae-Dong / Cho, Eun-Jung / Ko, Dae-Hyun / Lee, Woochang / Chun, Sail / Kwon, Hi Jeong / Hong, Ki-Sook / Kim, Yong-Man / Min, Won-Ki

Laboratory characterization of leukemic cell procoagulants

Hudák, Renáta / Debreceni, Ildikó Beke / Deák, Ivett / Szabó, Gabriella Gál / Hevessy, Zsuzsanna / Antal-Szalmás, Péter / Osterud, Bjarne / Kappelmayer, János

Preparation, calibration and evaluation of the First International Standard for human C-peptide

Moore, Melanie / Dougall, Thomas / Ferguson, Jackie / Rigsby, Peter / Burns, Chris

Hb variants in Korea: effect on HbA1c using five routine methods

Yun, Yeo-Min / Ji, Misuk / Ko, Dae-Hyun / Chun, Sail / Kwon, Gye Cheol / Lee, Kyunghoon / Song, Sang Hoon / Seong, Moon Woo / Park, Sung Sup / Song, Junghan

Pseudohyperkalemia in capillary whole-blood samples – an occasional error or a significant problem in a pediatric hospital?

Ciepiela, Olga / Raniszewska, Agata / Manda-Handzlik, Aneta / Kotuła, Iwona / Demkow, Urszula

Elevation of creatine kinase is linked to disease severity and predicts fatal outcomes in H7N9 infection

Zheng, Shufa / Wu, Jianping / Yu, Fei / Wang, Yiyin / Chen, Liming / Cui, Dawei / Xie, Guoliang / Yang, Xianzhi / Chen, Xiaogang / Zhang, Wen / Yu, Liang / Guo, Jing / Zhang, Yiming / Chen, Yu

Analytical evaluation of point-of-care procalcitonin (PCT) and clinical performances in an unselected population as compared with central lab PCT assay

Dupuy, Anne Marie / Chevrier, Quentin / Olejnik, Yan / Bargnoux, Anne Sophie / Badiou, Stéphanie / Cristol, Jean Paul

Evaluation of an automated commercial ELISA method for calprotectin determination in pleural fluid

Vázquez-Iglesias, Lorena / Casado-Rey, Pedro / Botana-Rial, Maribel / Andrade-Olivié, María Amalia / Rodriguez-Berrocal, Francisco Javier / Páez de la Cadena, María / Fernández-Villar, Alberto

The unfinished story of interference in thyroid hormones with Roche immunoassays: when prewashing procedures matter

Rodriguez-Borja, Enrique / Barba-Serrano, Esther / Alfayate-Guerra, Rocio / Martinez-Camarasa, Concepción

Effects of apixaban on prothrombin time, activated partial thromboplastin time and anti-Xa assays: a European survey

Helin, Tuukka A. / Pakkanen, Anja / Lassila, Riitta / Joutsi-Korhonen, Lotta

Evaluation of a chemiluminescent immunoassay for urinary aldosterone on the DiaSorin LIAISON automated platform against RIA and LC-MS/MS

Lin, Dan C. / Raizman, Joshua E. / Holmes, Daniel T. / Don-Wauchope, Andrew C. / Yip, Paul M.

Complex considerations when tendering for HbA1c analysers

Tormey, William Patrick / Byrne, Brendan / Russell, Conor / Collier, Geraldine / Sreenan, Seamus

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