A new issue of CCLM is available online! Vol 55, Issue 7 (July 2017)

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following the agreement on mutual cooperation between EFLM and W. de Gruyter for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine journal (CCLM), it has been planned to send regularly to the EFLM contacts the table of contents of CCLM issues and the list of future titles as well. I do hope you will appreciate the initiative which is intended as a further service by EFLM to our European professional community.  CCLM is published on a monthly basis and is the most relevant Journal on Clinical Chemistry in Europe; it is a valuable and updated source of knowledge for the professionals in the field, well recognized all over the world.  The CCLM 2015 Impact factor is 3.017.

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A new issue of ‘Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM)’ is available online from De Gruyter Online: Volume 55, Issue 7 (July 2017)

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Opportunities and drawbacks of nonstandard body fluid analysis
Lippi, Giuseppe / Plebani, Mario

How I first met Dr. Morton K. Schwartz
Diamandis, Eleftherios P.

Measurement of thyroglobulin, calcitonin, and PTH in FNA washout fluids
Trimboli, Pierpaolo / D’Aurizio, Federica / Tozzoli, Renato / Giovanella, Luca

Quality control materials for pharmacogenomic testing in the clinic
Lin, Guigao / Zhang, Kuo / Han, Yanxi / Li, Jinming

Modulating thrombotic diathesis in hereditary thrombophilia and antiphospholipid antibody syndrome: a role for circulating microparticles?
Campello, Elena / Radu, Claudia M. / Spiezia, Luca / Simioni, Paolo

Advances in laboratory diagnosis of hereditary spherocytosis
Farias, Mariela Granero

Analytical performance specifications for external quality assessment – definitions and descriptions
Jones, Graham R.D. / Albarede, Stephanie / Kesseler, Dagmar / MacKenzie, Finlay / Mammen, Joy / Pedersen, Morten / Stavelin, Anne / Thelen, Marc / Thomas, Annette / Twomey, Patrick J. / Ventura, Emma / Panteghini, Mauro

Differences between quantification of genotype 3 hepatitis C virus RNA by Versions 1.0 and 2.0 of the COBAS AmpliPrep/COBAS TaqMan HCV Test
Pierce, Virginia M. / Eversley, Jacqueline S. / Tran, Thuy K. / Rosenberg, Eric S.

Estimating the intra- and inter-individual imprecision of manual pipetting
Lippi, Giuseppe / Lima-Oliveira, Gabriel / Brocco, Giorgio / Bassi, Antonella / Salvagno, Gian Luca

Effect of multiple freeze-thaw cycles on selected biochemical serum components
Gislefoss, Randi E. / Lauritzen, Marianne / Langseth, Hilde / Mørkrid, Lars

The effect of storage temperature fluctuations on the stability of biochemical analytes in blood serum
Haslacher, Helmuth / Szekeres, Thomas / Gerner, Marlene / Ponweiser, Elisabeth / Repl, Manuela / Wagner, Oswald F. / Perkmann, Thomas

Comparison of ex vivo stability of copeptin and vasopressin
Heida, Judith E. / Boesten, Lianne S.M. / Ettema, Esmée M. / Muller Kobold, Anneke C. / Franssen, Casper F.M. / Gansevoort, Ron T. / Zittema, Debbie

Physiologic changes of urinary proteome by caffeine and excessive water intake
Peerapen, Paleerath / Ausakunpipat, Nardtaya / Sutthimethakorn, Suchitra / Aluksanasuwan, Siripat / Vinaiphat, Arada / Thongboonkerd, Visith

Assessment of autoantibodies to interferon-ω in patients with autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome type 1: using a new immunoprecipitation assay
Larosa, Maria del Pilar / Mackenzie, Rachel / Burne, Peter / Garelli, Silvia / Barollo, Susi / Masiero, Stefano / Rubin, Beatrice / Chen, Shu / Furmaniak, Jadwiga / Betterle, Corrado / Smith, Bernard Rees

Within-day biological variation and hour-to-hour reference change values for hematological parameters
Hilderink, Judith M. / Klinkenberg, Lieke J.J. / Aakre, Kristin M. / de Wit, Norbert C.J. / Henskens, Yvonne M.C. / van der Linden, Noreen / Bekers, Otto / Rennenberg, Roger J.M.W. / Koopmans, Richard P. / Meex, Steven J.R.

Relationship between anti-Müllerian hormone and antral follicle count across the menstrual cycle using the Beckman Coulter Access assay in comparison with Gen II manual assay
Schiffner, Julia / Roos, Judith / Broomhead, David / Helden, Joseph van / Godehardt, Erhard / Fehr, Daniel / Freundl, Günter / Johnson, Sarah / Gnoth, Christian

Low-grade inflammation and tryptophan-kynurenine pathway activation are associated with adverse cardiac remodeling in primary hyperparathyroidism: the EPATH trial
Verheyen, Nicolas / Meinitzer, Andreas / Grübler, Martin Robert / Ablasser, Klemens / Kolesnik, Ewald / Fahrleitner-Pammer, Astrid / Belyavskiy, Evgeny / Trummer, Christian / Schwetz, Verena / Pieske-Kraigher, Elisabeth / Voelkl, Jakob / Alesutan, Ioana / Catena, Cristiana / Sechi, Leonardo Alberto / Brussee, Helmut / Lewinski, Dirk von / März, Winfried / Pieske, Burkert / Pilz, Stefan / Tomaschitz, Andreas

Comparison between procalcitonin and C-reactive protein in predicting bacteremias and confounding factors: a case-control study
Nishikawa, Hirokazu / Shirano, Michinori / Kasamatsu, Yu / Morimura, Ayumi / Iida, Ko / Kishi, Tomomi / Goto, Tetsushi / Okamoto, Saki / Ehara, Eiji

Monitoring of procalcitonin but not interleukin-6 is useful for the early prediction of anastomotic leakage after colorectal surgery
Zielińska-Borkowska, Urszula / Dib, Naser / Tarnowski, Wiesław / Skirecki, Tomasz

Activation of the tryptophan/serotonin pathway is associated with severity and predicts outcomes in pneumonia: results of a long-term cohort study
Meier, Marc A. / Ottiger, Manuel / Vögeli, Alaadin / Steuer, Christian / Bernasconi, Luca / Thomann, Robert / Christ-Crain, Mirjam / Henzen, Christoph / Hoess, Claus / Zimmerli, Werner / Huber, Andreas / Mueller, Beat / Schuetz, Philipp

Incidental findings of monoclonal proteins from carbohydrate-deficient transferrin analysis using capillary electrophoresis
Oppen, Kjersti / Bjerner, Johan / Buchmann, Marie / Piehler, Armin P.

IgD-λ myeloma with extensive free light-chain excretion: a diagnostic pitfall in the identification of monoclonal gammopathies
Robier, Christoph / Piribauer, Maria / Beham-Schmid, Christine / Aubell, Kristina / Neubauer, Manfred

25-Hydroxyvitamin D threshold values should be age-specific
Soares, Lilian Mello / Pedrosa, William / Elói-Santos, Silvana Maria / Vasconcellos, Leonardo Souza

Effect of dabigatran treatment at therapeutic levels on point-of-care international normalized ratio (INR)
Løkkebø, Elisabeth Sellevoll / Kristoffersen, Ann Helen / Stavelin, Anne / Sølvik, Una Ørvim

Alkaline phosphatase activity – pH impact on the measurement result
Grote-Koska, Denis / Klauke, Rainer / Brand, Korbinian / Schumann, Gerhard

Cyst hydatid and cancer: the myth continues
Gundogdu, Salih Burak / Saylam, Barış / Tez, Mesut

Role of activated platelets in severe acne scarring and adaptive immunity activation
Younis, Sidra / Rana, Fiza / Blumenberg, Miroslav / Javed, Qamar

Towards a random-access LC-MS/MS model for busulfan analysis
Peake, Roy W.A. / Law, Terence / Esposito, Christopher L. / Kellogg, Mark D.

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