A new issue of CCLM is available online! Vol 58, Issue 12

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CCLM Vol 58, Issue 12
A new issue of CCLM is available online!
Below the table of contents of the last issue of CCLM, the scientific Journal of EFLM. I do hope you will appreciate this e-mail as a further service by EFLM to our  on-line community.
With kindest regards,
Daniel Rajdl, Chair EFLM Communication Committee
CCLM is published on a monthly basis and is the most relevant Journal on Clinical Chemistry in Europe; it is a valuable and updated source of knowledge for the professionals in the field, well recognized all over the world.

The CCLM 2019 Impact Factor is 3.595.

Click here to access CCLM Vol 58 n. 12 (Dec. 2020)
In this CCLM issue
Editorial and Executive Summary: IFCC Interim Guidelines on Clinical Laboratory testing during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Giuseppe Lippi, Andrea R. Horvath, and Khosrow Adeli

Interferences in the measurement of circulating phosphate: a literature review
Valentina Molinaris, Mario G. Bianchetti, Gregorio P. Milani, Sebastiano A.G. Lava, Roberto Della Bruna, Giacomo D. Simonetti, and Pietro B. Faré

Lactate dehydrogenase: an old enzyme reborn as a COVID-19 marker (and not only)
Mauro Panteghini

Procalcitonin (PCT)-guided antibiotic stewardship in Asia-Pacific countries: adaptation based on an expert consensus meeting
Chien-Chang Lee, Andrea Lay Hoon Kwa, Anucha Apisarnthanarak, Jia-Yih Feng, Eric Howard Gluck, Akihiro Ito, Anis Karuniawati, Petrick Periyasamy, Busadee Pratumvinit, Jeetendra Sharma, Rontgene Solante, Subramanian Swaminathan, Niraj Tyagi, Dien Minh Vu, Kapil Zirpe, and Philipp Schuetz

IFCC Interim Guidelines on Molecular Testing of SARS-CoV-2 Infection
Mary Kathryn Bohn, Nicasio Mancini, Tze Ping Loh, Cheng-Bin Wang, Matthias Grimmler, Maurizio Gramegna, Kwok-Yung Yuen, Robert Mueller, David Koch, Sunil Sethi, William D. Rawlinson, Massimo Clementi, Rajiv Erasmus, Marc Leportier, Gye Cheol Kwon, María Elizabeth Menezes, Maria-Magdalena Patru, Krishna Singh, Maurizio Ferrari, Osama Najjar, Andrea R. Horvath, Khosrow Adeli, and Giuseppe Lippi

IFCC Interim Guidelines on Serological Testing of Antibodies against SARS-CoV-2
Mary Kathryn Bohn, Tze Ping Loh, Cheng-Bin Wang, Robert Mueller, David Koch, Sunil Sethi, William D. Rawlinson, Massimo Clementi, Rajiv Erasmus, Marc Leportier, Matthias Grimmler, KY Yuen, Nicasio Mancini, Gye Cheol Kwon, María Elizabeth Menezes, Maria-Magdalena Patru, Maurizio Gramegna, Krishna Singh, Osama Najjar, Maurizio Ferrari, Andrea R. Horvath, Giuseppe Lippi, Khosrow Adeli, and and the IFCC Taskforce on COVID-19

IFCC Interim Guidelines on Biochemical/Hematological Monitoring of COVID-19 Patients
Simon Thompson, Mary Kathryn Bohn, Nicasio Mancini, Tze Ping Loh, Cheng-Bin Wang, Matthias Grimmler, Kwok-Yung Yuen, Robert Mueller, David Koch, Sunil Sethi, William D. Rawlinson, Massimo Clementi, Rajiv Erasmus, Marc Leportier, Gye Cheol Kwon, María Elizabeth Menezes, Maria-Magdalena Patru, Maurizio Gramegna, Krishna Singh, Osama Najjar, Maurizio Ferrari, Giuseppe Lippi, Khosrow Adeli, Andrea R. Horvath, and the IFCC Taskforce on COVID-19

Genotype/phenotype relationship in Gaucher disease patients. Novel mutation in glucocerebrosidase gene
Esperanza Lepe-Balsalobre, José D. Santotoribio, Ramiro Nuñez-Vazquez, Salvador García-Morillo, Pilar Jiménez-Arriscado, Paula Hernández-Arévalo, Rocío Delarosa-Rodríguez, Juan M. Guerrero, and Hada C. Macher

Programme for Harmonization to the International Scale in Latin America for BCR-ABL1 quantification in CML patients: findings and recommendations
María Sol Ruiz, María Belén Sánchez, Yuly Masiel Vera Contreras, Evangelina Agrielo, Marta Alonso, María Eugenia Altuna, María Sol Anchordoqui, Mariana Asinari, María Elisa Bonetto, Mauricio Camargo, Isabel Giere, Javier González, Ana Cecilia Granda Alacote, Javier Guerra, Marina Gutiérrez, Cecilia Maldonado, Ricardo Makiya, Gonzalo Manrique, María Eugenia Monaco, Juan Carlos Rozo, Carlos Santamaría, Analía Seravalle, Olga Zea, María Noel Zubillaga, José Mordoh, Irene Larripa, and Michele Bianchini

Biotin interference: evaluation of a new generation of electrochemiluminescent immunoassays for high-sensitive troponin T and thyroid-stimulating hormone testing
Samy Mzougui, Julien Favresse, Reza Soleimani, Catherine Fillée, and Damien Gruson

Validation of a liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry method for the simultaneous determination of hydroxychloroquine and metabolites in human whole blood
Donna Austin, Catharine John, Beverley J Hunt, and Rachel S. Carling

The combined use of enzyme activity and metabolite assays as a strategy for newborn screening of mucopolysaccharidosis type I
Giulia Polo, Daniela Gueraldi, Antonella Giuliani, Laura Rubert, Chiara Cazzorla, Leonardo Salviati, Antonio Marzollo, Alessandra Biffi, Alessandro P. Burlina, and Alberto B. Burlina

Faecal haemoglobin distributions by sex, age, deprivation and geographical region: consequences for colorectal cancer screening strategies
Gavin R.C. Clark, Judith A. Strachan, Alisson McPherson, Jayne Digby, Craig Mowat, Robert J.C. Steele, and Callum G. Fraser

Glycophorin A-based exclusion of red blood cells for flow cytometric analysis of platelet glycoprotein expression in citrated whole blood
Christina Berens, Johannes Oldenburg, Bernd Pötzsch, and Jens Müller

Assignment of international normalized ratio to frozen and freeze-dried pooled plasmas
Antonius M.H.P. van den Besselaar and Christa M. Cobbaert

Stabilization patterns and variability of hs-CRP, NT-proBNP and ST2 during 1 year after acute coronary syndrome admission: results of the BIOMArCS study
Victor J. van den Berg, Victor A.W.M. Umans, Milos Brankovic, Rohit M. Oemrawsingh, Folkert W. Asselbergs, Pim van der Harst, Imo E. Hoefer, Bas Kietselaer, Harry J.G.M. Crijns, Timo Lenderink, Anton J. Oude Ophuis, Ron H. van Schaik, Isabella Kardys, Eric Boersma, K. Martijn Akkerhuis, and for the BIOMArCS investigators

SARS-CoV-2 serosurvey in health care workers of the Veneto Region
Mario Plebani, Andrea Padoan, Ugo Fedeli, Elena Schievano, Elena Vecchiato, Giuseppe Lippi, Giuliana Lo Cascio, Stefano Porru, and Giorgio Palù

Evaluation of three fully-automated SARS-CoV-2 antibody assays
Sebastian Hörber, Jelena Soldo, Lasse Relker, Stefan Jürgens, Julia Guther, Silke Peter, Rainer Lehmann, and Andreas Peter

Results of the first pilot external quality assessment (EQA) scheme for anti-SARS-CoV2-antibody testing
Verena Haselmann, Mustafa K. Özçürümez, Frank Klawonn, Volker Ast, Catharina Gerhards, Romy Eichner, Victor Costina, Gerhard Dobler, Wolf-Jochen Geilenkeuser, Roman Wölfel, and Michael Neumaier

Frequency of serological non-responders and false-negative RT-PCR results in SARS-CoV-2 testing: a population-based study
Rita Christiane Baron, Lorenz Risch, Myriam Weber, Sarah Thiel, Kirsten Grossmann, Nadia Wohlwend, Thomas Lung, Dorothea Hillmann, Michael Ritzler, Susanna Bigler, Konrad Egli, Francesca Ferrara, Thomas Bodmer, Mauro Imperiali, Sonja Heer, Harald Renz, Lukas Flatz, Philipp Kohler, Pietro Vernazza, Christian R. Kahlert, Matthias Paprotny, and Martin Risch

A biological profile for diagnosis and outcome of COVID-19 patients
Mehdi Khourssaji, Virginie Chapelle, Anton Evenepoel, Leila Belkhir, Jean Cyr Yombi, Marie-Astrid van Dievoet, Pascale Saussoy, Emmanuel Coche, Catherine Fillée, Stefan N. Constantinescu, Hector Rodriguez-Villalobos, Jean-Philippe Defour, and Damien Gruson

Can routine laboratory variables predict survival in COVID-19? An artificial neural network-based approach
Alejandro Santos-Lozano, Fernando Calvo-Boyero, Ana López-Jiménez, Cecilia Cueto-Felgueroso, Adrián Castillo-García, Pedro L. Valenzuela, Joaquín Arenas, Alejandro Lucia, Miguel A. Martín, and COVID-19 Hospital ’12 Octubre’ Clinical Biochemisty Study Group

SARS-CoV-2 antibody performances: we need better criteria
Claudio Galli and Mario Plebani

Upper respiratory samples pooling for screening SARS-CoV-2 infection: ready for the prime time?
Giuseppe Lippi

Validation of the Corona-Score for rapid identification of SARS-CoV-2 infections in patients seeking emergency department care in the United States
Giuseppe Lippi, Brandon Michael Henry, Jonathan Hoehn, Stefanie Benoit, and Justin Benoit

“Stay home stay safe?” Systemic inflammation in subjects undergoing routine hematology tests during the lockdown period of COVID-19
Francesco Tona, Mario Plebani, Dario Gregori, Giovanni Carretta, Giulia Lorenzoni, Daniele Donato, and Sabino Iliceto

52th National Congress of the Italian Society of Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology (SIBioC – Laboratory Medicine)

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