A new issue of CCLM is available online! Vol 56, Issue 4

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following the agreement on mutual cooperation between EFLM and W. de Gruyter for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine journal (CCLM), it has been planned to send regularly to the EFLM contacts the table of contents of CCLM issues and the list of future titles as well. I do hope you will appreciate the initiative which is intended as a further service by EFLM to our European professional community.  CCLM is published on a monthly basis and is the most relevant Journal on Clinical Chemistry in Europe; it is a valuable and updated source of knowledge for the professionals in the field, well recognized all over the world.  The CCLM 2016 Impact Factor is 3.432.


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A new issue of ‘Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM)’ is available online from De Gruyter Online: Volume 56, Issue 4 (April 2018)

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Visual assessment of sample quality: quo usque tandem?
Lippi, Giuseppe / Cadamuro, Janne

Machine learning in laboratory medicine: waiting for the flood?
Cabitza, Federico / Banfi, Giuseppe

Is irisin the new player in exercise-induced adaptations or not? A 2017 update
Fatouros, Ioannis G.

Can a combination of average of normals and “real time” External Quality Assurance replace Internal Quality Control?
Badrick, Tony / Graham, Peter

The UGT1A1*28 gene variant predicts long-term mortality in patients undergoing coronary angiography
Zulus, Barbara / Grünbacher, Gerda / Kleber, Marcus E. / März, Winfried / Renner, Wilfried

Laboratory performance of sweat conductivity for the screening of cystic fibrosis
Greaves, Ronda F. / Jolly, Lisa / Massie, John / Scott, Sue / Wiley, Veronica C. / Metz, Michael P. / Mackay, Richard J.

Making sense of a haemolysis monitoring and reporting system: a nationwide longitudinal multimethod study of 68 Australian laboratory participant organisations
Li, Ling / Vecellio, Elia / Gay, Stephanie / Lake, Rebecca / Mackay, Mark / Burnett, Leslie / Chesher, Douglas / Braye, Stephen / Badrick, Tony / Westbrook, Johanna I. / Georgiou, Andrew

Visual assessment of hemolysis affects patient safety
Luksic, Ana Helena / Nikolac Gabaj, Nora / Miler, Marijana / Dukic, Lora / Bakliza, Ana / Simundic, Ana-Maria

Strong impact on plasma protein profiles by precentrifugation delay but not by repeated freeze-thaw cycles, as analyzed using multiplex proximity extension assays
Shen, Qiujin / Björkesten, Johan / Galli, Joakim / Ekman, Daniel / Broberg, John / Nordberg, Niklas / Tillander, Annika / Kamali-Moghaddam, Masood / Tybring, Gunnel / Landegren, Ulf

Validation of the Six Sigma Z-score for the quality assessment of clinical laboratory timeliness
Ialongo, Cristiano / Bernardini, Sergio

Proficiency testing program for hemoglobin E, A2 and F analysis in Thailand using lyophilized hemoglobin control materials
Pornprasert, Sakorn / Tookjai, Monthathip / Punyamung, Manoo / Pongpunyayuen, Panida / Treesuwan, Kallayanee

Application of κ free light chains in cerebrospinal fluid as a biomarker in multiple sclerosis diagnosis: development of a diagnosis algorithm
Valencia-Vera, Estefania / Martinez-Escribano Garcia-Ripoll, Ana / Enguix, Alfredo / Abalos-Garcia, Carmen / Segovia-Cuevas, Maria Jesus

Antiphosphatidylserine/prothrombin antibodies (aPS/PT) as potential diagnostic markers and risk predictors of venous thrombosis and obstetric complications in antiphospholipid syndrome
Shi, Hui / Zheng, Hui / Yin, Yu-Feng / Hu, Qiong-Yi / Teng, Jia-Lin / Sun, Yue / Liu, Hong-Lei / Cheng, Xiao-Bing / Ye, Jun-Na / Su, Yu-Tong / Wu, Xin-Yao / Zhou, Jin-Feng / Norman, Gary L. / Gong, Hui-Yun / Shi, Xin-Ming / Peng, Yi-Bing / Wang, Xue-Feng / Yang, Cheng-De

An evaluation of the SENTiFIT 270 analyser for quantitation of faecal haemoglobin in the investigation of patients with suspected colorectal cancer
Auge, Josep M. / Rodriguez, Cristina / Espanyol, Oihana / Rivero, Liseth / Sandalinas, Silvia / Grau, Jaume / Jimenez, Wladimiro / Castells, Antoni

Evaluation of the Aptima HBV Quant assay vs. the COBAS TaqMan HBV test using the high pure system for the quantitation of HBV DNA in plasma and serum samples
Schalasta, Gunnar / Börner, Anna / Speicher, Andrea / Enders, Martin

Reference intervals for stone risk factors in 24-h urine among healthy adults of the Han population in China
Mai, Zanlin / Li, Xiaoxia / Cui, Zelin / Wu, Wenqi / Liu, Yongda / Ou, Lili / Liang, Yueping / Zhao, Zhijian / Liu, Yang / Mai, Xing / Zhu, Wei / Zhang, Tao / Cai, Chao / Yang, Houmeng / Zeng, Guohua

Rule-out of non-ST elevation myocardial infarction by five point of care cardiac troponin assays according to the 0 h/3 h algorithm of the European Society of Cardiology
Suh, Durie / Keller, Dagmar I. / Hof, Danielle / von Eckardstein, Arnold / Gawinecka, Joanna

Diagnostic and prognostic value of presepsin vs. established biomarkers in critically ill patients with sepsis or systemic inflammatory response syndrome
Brodska, Helena / Valenta, Jiri / Pelinkova, Kveta / Stach, Zdenek / Sachl, Robert / Balik, Martin / Zima, Tomas / Drabek, Tomas

Association of adrenal hormone metabolites and mortality over a 6-year follow-up in COPD patients with acute exacerbation
Zurfluh, Seline / Nickler, Manuela / Ottiger, Manuel / Steuer, Christian / Kutz, Alexander / Christ-Crain, Mirjam / Zimmerli, Werner / Thomann, Robert / Hoess, Claus / Henzen, Christoph / Bernasconi, Luca / Huber, Andreas / Mueller, Beat / Schuetz, Philipp

Corrigendum to: Validation of a pneumatic tube system to transport surgical pathology biopsy samples
Guibourg, Briac / Marcorelles, Pascale / Uguen, Arnaud

A transnational collaborative network dedicated to the study and applications of the vascular endothelial growth factor-A in medical practice: the VEGF Consortium
Stathopoulou, Maria G. / Xie, Ting / Ruggiero, Daniela / Chatelin, Jerome / Rancier, Marc / Weryha, George / Kurth, Mary Jo / Aldasoro Arguinano, Alex-Ander / Gorenjak, Vesna / Petrelis, Alexandros M. / Dagher, Georges / Dedoussis, George / Deloukas, Panagiotis / Lamont, John / Marc, Janja / Simmaco, Maurizio / Schaik, Ron H.N. van / Innocenti, Federico / Merlin, Jean-Louis / Schneider, Jochen / Alizadeh, Behrooz Ziad / Ciullo, Marina / Seshadri, Sudha / Visvikis-Siest, Sophie

Detection and a functional characterization of the novel FBN1 intronic mutation underlying Marfan syndrome: case presentation
Wypasek, Ewa / Potaczek, Daniel P. / Hydzik, Marcin / Stapor, Renata / Raczkowska-Muraszko, Marta / Weiss, Janneke / Maugeri, Alessandra / Undas, Anetta

Effect of haemolysis on the determination of CCL17/thymus and activation-regulated chemokine (TARC) and CCL22/macrophage-derived chemokine (MDC)
Townsley, Hermaleigh / Crane, Julian / Siebers, Rob

Evaluation of long-term stability of cannabinoids in standardized preparations of cannabis flowering tops and cannabis oil by ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry
Pacifici, Roberta / Marchei, Emilia / Salvatore, Francesco / Guandalini, Luca / Busardò, Francesco Paolo / Pichini, Simona

Impact of citrated blood collection tubes on red cell morphology: implications for the measurement of plasma glucose
Lunt, Helen / Heenan, Helen F. / Edwards, Peter / Florkowski, Christopher M.

Validation of a pneumatic tube system to transport surgical pathology biopsy samples
Guibourg, Briac / Marcorelles, Pascale / Uguen, Arnaud

Antioxidant capacity in patients with type 2 diabetes: a preliminary investigation on gender-specific differences in an Italian population
Chilelli, Nino Cristiano / Cosma, Chiara / Burlina, Silvia / Plebani, Mario / Lapolla, Annunziata

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