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Daniel Rajdl, Chair of the EFLM WG Distance Education and e-Learning informs about next webinars.  EFLM is happy to remind you that the attendance to the webinars is free of charge and that the recording of the lectures will be available afterwards on at the EFLM e-learning platform for those unable to attend.
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Speaker: Giuseppe Lippi (IT)

Date: 2017-12-19 at h. 18.00 CET    time zone converter

ABSTRACT Hemostasis is a complicated mechanism finalized to preventing unjustified bleeding during vascular injury, or unwarranted thrombosis when the vessels are substantially intact. Hemostasis is typically classified in two essential steps. The first event is an endothelial injury, which activates primary hemostasis and is then followed by activation of secondary hemostasis. Specifically, primary hemostasis develops with recruitment of a many platelets being at site of vascular injury. Platelets are subjected to a sequential process of activation, adhesion and aggregation. This initial hemostatic plug is however unstable, since it is vulnerable to fast dissolution within in the local blood, especially in arteries. To prevent dissolution, additional fundamental mechanisms of secondary hemostasis (also known as blood coagulation) are activated, with the aim to stabilize the initial plot by large fibrin deposition. Read more.
ABOUT THE SPEAKER Giuseppe Lippi serves as Full Professor of Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Verona (Italy) and Director of the Clinical Chemistry and Haematology laboratories of the University Hospital of Verona (Italy). He has published more than 1400 articles in peer-reviewed journals, his total Impact Factor is over 5300 and the Hirsch Index (H-index) is 72. He has participated to more than 500 national and international congresses and has given more than 250 lectures to national and international meetings. Giuseppe Lippi is Editor in Chief of “Annals of Translational Medicine” and “Journal of Laboratory and Precision Medicine” and also serves as Associate Editor of the journals “Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine”, “Seminars in Thrombosis and Hemostasis” and “Diagnosis”, is the National Representative of the Italian Society of Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine (SIBioC) and member of the EFLM Working Group on Preanalytical Variability (WG-PA). The main fields of research include pre-analytical variability, analytical and clinical validation of biomarkers, diagnostics of the acute coronary syndrome, metabolism of lipoproteins and relevant assay methods, frailty, diagnosis and management of disorders of hemostasis.
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