A new issue of CCLM is available online! Vol 58, Issue 3

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CCLM Vol 58, Issue 3
A new issue of CCLM is available online!
Below the table of contents of the last issue of CCLM, the scientific Journal of EFLM. I do hope you will appreciate this e-mail as a further service by EFLM to our  on-line community.
With kindest regards,
Daniel Rajdl, Chair EFLM Communication Committee
CCLM is published on a monthly basis and is the most relevant Journal on Clinical Chemistry in Europe; it is a valuable and updated source of knowledge for the professionals in the field, well recognized all over the world.

The CCLM 2018 Impact Factor is 3.638.

Click here to access CCLM Vol 58 n. 3 March 2020
In this CCLM issue
Progress in understanding the use of human chorionic gonadotropin as a tumor marker
Grenache, David G.

Biomarkers for prostate cancer: prostate-specific antigen and beyond
Duffy, Michael J.

Gut microbiome investigation in celiac disease: from methods to its pathogenetic role
Sacchetti, Lucia / Nardelli, Carmela

Understanding and managing interferences in clinical laboratory assays: the role of laboratory professionals
Zaninotto, Martina / Plebani, Mario

A step forward in identifying the right human chorionic gonadotropin assay for testicular cancer
Ferraro, Simona / Panteghini, Mauro

Validation and verification of examination procedures in medical laboratories: opinion of the EFLM Working Group Accreditation and ISO/CEN standards (WG-A/ISO) on dealing with ISO 15189:2012 demands for method verification and validation
Roelofsen-de Beer, Roseri / Wielders, Jos / Boursier, Guilaine / Vodnik, Tatjana / Vanstapel, Florent / Huisman, Willem / Vukasović, Ines / Vaubourdolle, Michel / Sönmez, Çiğdem / Linko, Solveig / Brugnoni, Duilio / Kroupis, Christos / Lohmander, Maria / Šprongl, Luděk / Bernabeu-Andreu, Francisco / Meško Brguljan, Pika / Thelen, Marc

An updated protocol based on CLSI document C37 for preparation of off-the-clot serum from individual units for use alone or to prepare commutable pooled serum reference materials
Danilenko, Uliana / Vesper, Hubert W. / Myers, Gary L. / Clapshaw, Patric A. / Camara, Johanna E. / Miller, W. Greg

Highly accurate and explainable detection of specimen mix-up using a machine learning model
Mitani, Tomohiro / Doi, Shunsuke / Yokota, Shinichiroh / Imai, Takeshi / Ohe, Kazuhiko

Impact of delta check time intervals on error detection capability
Tan, Rui Zhen / Markus, Corey / Loh, Tze Ping

Effect of long-term frozen storage and thawing of stool samples on faecal haemoglobin concentration and diagnostic performance of faecal immunochemical tests
Gies, Anton / Niedermaier, Tobias / Weigl, Korbinian / Schrotz-King, Petra / Hoffmeister, Michael / Brenner, Hermann

A more accurate prediction to rule in and rule out pre-eclampsia using the sFlt-1/PlGF ratio and NT-proBNP as biomarkers
Lafuente-Ganuza, Paula / Lequerica-Fernandez, Paloma / Carretero, Francisco / Escudero, Ana I. / Martinez-Morillo, Eduardo / Sabria, Enric / Herraiz, Ignacio / Galindo, Alberto / Lopez, Ana / Martinez-Triguero, Maria L. / Alvarez, Francisco V.

Macro vitamin B12: an underestimated threat
Soleimani, Reza / Favresse, Julien / Roy, Tatiana / Gruson, Damien / Fillée, Catherine

Evaluation of the primary biliary cholangitis-related serologic profile in a large cohort of Belgian systemic sclerosis patients
Florin, Lisa / Rubben, Kaat / Vanhaecke, Amber / Devreese, Katrien / De Keyser, Filip / Smith, Vanessa / Bonroy, Carolien

High frequency of anti-parietal cell antibody (APCA) and intrinsic factor blocking antibody (IFBA) in individuals with severe vitamin B12 deficiency – an observational study in primary care patients
Salinas, Maria / Flores, Emilio / López-Garrigós, Maite / Leiva-Salinas, Carlos

DOAC-Remove abolishes the effect of direct oral anticoagulants on activated protein C resistance testing in real-life venous thromboembolism patients
Kopytek, Magdalena / Ząbczyk, Michał / Malinowski, Krzysztof P. / Undas, Anetta / Natorska, Joanna

How comparable are total human chorionic gonadotropin (hCGt) tumour markers assays?
Pretorius, Carel J. / du Toit, Stephen / Wilgen, Urs / Klingberg, Sandra / Jones, Mark / Ungerer, Jacobus P.J. / Tate, Jillian R.

Measurement accuracy of two professional-use systems for point-of-care testing of blood glucose
Baumstark, Annette / Jendrike, Nina / Kamecke, Ulrike / Liebing, Christina / Pleus, Stefan / Freckmann, Guido

Human chorionic gonadotropin in oncology: a matter of tight (bio)marking
Ferraro, Simona / Incarbone, Giacomo Piero / Rossi, Roberta Simona / Dolci, Alberto / Panteghini, Mauro

More robust analytical evidence should support the selection of human chorionic gonadotropin assays for oncology application
Ferraro, Simona / Panteghini, Mauro

Letter in reply to the letter to the editor of Ferraro S and Panteghini M with the title “More robust analytical evidence should support the selection for human chorionic gonadotropin assays for oncology application”
Ungerer, Jacobus P.J. / Pretorius, Carel J.

Definition of analytical quality specifications for serum total folate measurements using a simulation outcome-based model
Ferraro, Simona / Lyon, Andrew W. / Braga, Federica / Panteghini, Mauro

Alarmed by misleading interference in free T3 and free T4 assays: a new case of anti-streptavidin antibodies
Wouters, Yannick / Oosterbos, Julie / Reynaert, Nele / Penders, Joris

A root cause analysis of ‘falsely elevated’ oxygen saturation: investigation of pneumatic tube transport and differences between estimated and measured saturation in a critical patient population
van Wijk, Xander M.R. / Leanse, Julie H. / Poinier, Abby / Uriel, Nir / O’Connor, Michael F. / Weber, Stephen G. / Tesic, Vera / Staneva, Iliana

The chaos of serologic markers in interstitial pneumonia with autoimmune features can be corrected by the laboratory physician
Jearn, La-He / Kim, Think-You

Vitamin A and E gender and age stratification in adults
Albahrani, Ali / Greaves, Ronda F. / Ward, Greg / Fitzpatrick, Michael / Harrower, Tamantha

Detection of monoclonal B-lymphocytosis: interest of cellular population data and CytoDiff™ analysis
Vedrenne, Aurélie / Devin, Clotilde / Delcominette, Frédérique / Habarou, Florence / Vasse, Marc

Urinary reference intervals for gadolinium in individuals without recent exposure to gadolinium-based contrast agents
Bornhorst, Joshua / Wegwerth, Peter / Day, Patrick / Bryant, Sandra / Rokke, Denise / Tervola, Ross / Eckdahl, Steve / Jannetto, Paul J.

Molecular diagnosis of toxoplasmosis: evaluation of automated DNA extraction using eMAG® (bioMérieux) on buffy coat, cerebrospinal and bronchoalveolar lavage fluids
Zhao, Fanny / Bulin, Lionnel / Fricker-Hidalgo, Hélène / Renaut, Quentin / Robert, Marie Gladys / Garnaud, Cécile / Pelloux, Hervé / Brenier-Pinchart, Marie-Pierre

Retraction of: The Effect of a Gender Difference in the Apolipoprotein E Gene DNA Polymorphism on Serum Lipid Levels in a Serbian Healthy Population
Stanković, Sanja / Glišić, Sanja / Alavanatić, Dragan

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